You Like This Post?

Posted: June 1, 2010 by Thos003 in Uncategorized
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Just noticed a new feature today… not sure how long it’s been there but I like this, “You Like This Post”.

You Like this Post?

Plus it gives you the option to “Re-Blog this”.  Very cool.  Or you can just mark it as liked and save it for latter content or reference.  Unfortunately they have not integrated this into a platform similar to Digg, or Stumble Upon, where your liked posts get tallied in with other WordPress Bloggers.  That would give them one more weapon in their arsenal and make blogging on wordpress that much more attractive for addict bloggers.

Just a few random thoughts from the guy that does pest control – You Like this Post?  Click it. Like it. Love it.

59 minutes after posting I caught wind of…

WordPress Update:

Hey, I’m happy to see that I wasn’t missing this for the past year or so.  Here is the developer’s post on this new tool.


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