Who do you use for Pest Control?

Posted: May 28, 2010 by Thos003 in Uncategorized
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Pest Control Survey 2007Bulwark Exterminating released it’s most recent customer survey scores. Bulwark sends out surveys to each and everyone of their active customers each year.  The cost to survey their customers is not cheap, but the value gained by listening to the customers is well worth it.

Read the Article here:  http://blogpestcontrol.com/2010/05/pest-control-customer-satisfaction-scores/

Pest Control Customer Satisfaction Scores

New Score:

Pest Control Satisfaction leads to customer converts

97% Recommended, 100% Guaranteed

I once heard a savvy business consultant say that the only question on your survey that really matters is “Will you recommend or refer us?” Ultimately this question tells all.  Customers have different expectations.  Customers may provide feedback that appears negative but they still love your service.  This one question reveals which side of the scale they are on.  If they are just bearing through the service because they see no other option then they will not recommend you.  When asked, “Who do you use for pest control?” a customer not happy about your service may reply, “Papa’s Bug Guy.  Their Okay.”

Being Okay isn’t good enough.

When an associate of your customer asks your customer, “Who do you use for Pest Control?” You don’t want to be the company that is just OKAY. You want to be the company that get’s. “I use Joe’s Pest Control. They are Great!” That is really marketing.

  1. D says:

    Companies with the best service wins

    • thos003 says:

      I would like to think that the good guys always win, but not always. Good service does provide for great referrals and an good platform to grow on, but those that run the rest of their books poorly struggle to stay afloat. Plus, the impact of having a the best service and only servicing 10 people vs Permitex having 10,000 services and doing an okay job doesn’t mean you are going to beat them.

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