To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo in Arizona? Or Not?

Posted: May 5, 2010 by Thos003 in Uncategorized
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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Arizona just took on a whole new meaning…


Because Celebrating Cinco De Mayo could get you carded? Doesn’t drinking alcoholic beverages always get you carded?  Am I citizen? What does that have to do with drinks?  …I’m not going to drink any alcohol today. So you are protesting in favor of the Law? No. I don’t drink.

I am going to “Los Suns” game tonight.  So you are supporting the Suns statement against the Law?  Not saying that…


My dad was going to go to the Suns game with me tonight, but not anymore…

Here is a letter sent by my dad to Steve Kerr:

Dear Steve,

I have defended pretty much every decision you have made – including the Shaq trade. I don’t know who initially hatched the brilliant idea to oppose the majority of the people of the state (and nation – 60% nationwide), but I understand that you were the one who proposed it to the team.

We had tickets, and were going to be in attendance, but we will not be. We will also not be watching, Steve. I know you went to a typical contemporary university (my brother and parents all went there), but for you to jump on the political correctness bandwagon when the vast majority of the people of this state support the new law, is truly sad.

Next time, you should do the math first. If you feel so strongly, then you can let your personal views be known, but you should not insult your fan base and expect us to support you. We will not.

This time I will not support you, Steve, but, no big deal, I’m just one of several million fans – the majority of whom also oppose you on this. By the way, if this is just something the players want to do, you and the leadership should make your position clear – rather than hide behind the idea that it was just the players. I’m sure, however, that this does represent your view. Please forward this to your bosses – and the players.

I’m serious, Steve.

Tom Ballantyne – A Disappointed Fan

WHY????????????????WHAT???????????? You know I still share your name dad.

Doesn’t everyone know that there are certain things you just don’t talk about in casual conversation? Why do we need to create lines in the sand?  Funny, analogy considering the ambiguous nature of this whole debate. There is a Federal Law already on the books and for very good reason.  Order.  Of course the new Arizona Law hopes to enforce the Federal Law to create order.  But in the wake of getting your ducks in a row you have mass resistance and chaos.  Buckling under that chaos sends a backlash of more disorder.  It’s white hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO.  It’s obeying the rules vs cheating.  It’s about what’s fair to those that are citizens vs what’s fair to those that are not citizens.  It’s about potential abuse of the new law. It’s about the current abuse of the existing Federal Law…. And now I’m not able to go to Sun’s game and enjoy myself?????

A friend of mine said, “Well now I don’t care if the Suns lose tonight. And for that matter I can now have an excuse to jump off the fan wagon when they lose the series.”

… whether I agree or disagree with him, he is still my friend.

The Arizona Tea Party

Another associate says, “I am protesting and am no longer going to drink Arizona Tea!”

…but Arizona tea is made in New York, so who are you really protesting against or for?  … Did you ever drink Arizona Tea before? When did buying tea become a political statement? And what did a New York tea company ever do to deserve a protest on Arizona besides name their beverage “Arizona”?  Is it fair to protest Arizona Tea either way?

The Bigotry begets more Bigotry.

So now there are those in the Nation boycotting Arizona businesses.  Why? Because they are in Arizona and Arizonans are bigots.  Doesn’t that make you a bigot for boycotting?

I really just want to watch my Suns game!  I want the Suns to win the series because they are my home team.  But now my home team is making a political statement. Can you still go to the basketball game and support them? I could care less about the politics.  I don’t want to be a politician.  Politics – “Poly” as in “many” and “ticks” as in “Blood Sucking Creatures”.  I am not a blood sucking creature.

Pest Control

I work all day as a pest control guy to get rid of those blood sucking creatures.  DON’T BRING THEM TO MY BASKETBALL GAME!

So just by posting this I am acknowledging that I am protesting the Suns protest, which means I am protesting those that protest the law, so I am in support of the law? …. Can you restate that question, because it’s loaded with a bunch of if then = not true, then x = true, even when z was never part of the equation.

How about I just bring a can of scorpions to the game tonight and let them loose? In protest? No, Because it would be funny!… Seriously.

I just wanted to go to a Planet Orange basketball game with my dad, is there anything wrong with that? Why can’t we all just be orange on a happy orange cloud regardless of who we are or where we came from?  Hey guy next to me on Planet Orange!  You are here because you support the Suns right?….???…. What do you mean by “support”????…..awkward.

…and now my dad is chiding me for going anyways.  Sounds like a lose – lose.

  1. Brian says:

    OP says, “You are here because you support the Suns right?….???…. What do you mean by “support”????…..awkward….”

    My reply:

    So when the suns score tonight and you turn to the guy next to you and cheer, “Go Suns,” will the guy next to you join you in your cheer? And if he does, will his cheer be for the Suns (without a political agenda) or Los Suns (with a political agenda)? Will you even be able to cheer them tonight knowing that if you are cheering them, you are supporting their position on illegal immigration even if you don’t agree with the position?

    I have been a hard core Suns fan since the KJ era. Today, I just want to watch the game; why did the Suns management take that away from me?


  2. race card says:

    Truth: The Suns (including Steve Nash, the Canadian) do not care about the rights of illegal aliens.

    they only want to prevent any potential loss of income that might result in hispanics not buying tickets to their games.

    • thos003 says:

      I’m not sure how much of their ticket sales are hispanic, but I would think that the majority are not hispanic. So if that were the case then it would be a bad move…. But there were some pretty harsh comments by the Sun’s managment team in protest of the law. I have to think that they mean what they say.

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