PCT Media Group – Pest Control Technology Magazine : SPC Releases Pest Control Market Research for 2009

Posted: April 27, 2010 by Thos003 in Uncategorized

The U.S. structural pest control industry generated an estimated $6.322 billion in total service revenue in 2009, down 4.1 percent from the $6.593 billion measured in 2008. All service sectors surveyed, including commercial and residential general pest control work and termite control services, declined this past year. Nationwide, total income derived from termite control work, including renewal revenue, declined more than $100 million this past year.

via PCT Media Group – Pest Control Technology Magazine : SPC Releases Pest Control Market Research for 2009.

Pest Control Market Down 4.1%

2009 was a rough year in many industries. Pest control has close ties with the housing industry. According to this market research, pest control got hit with a negative 4.1 as a whole. But that is across the pest control spectrum, including termite control which probably took the largest hit. If you are a pest control operator with a huge termite section then your lose in the termite areas could have cut into a total loss for your company.

Pest Control Trends are up

As I am an SEO guy, I tend to watch the online trending of pest control. Google trends show a steady improvement in online searches for pest control. So the need for pest control isn’t declining. But people maybe switching from a pest control service to a Do-it-yourself approach. You can buy Do-It-Yourself pest control products online. In fact, most of the green pest control products are general use pesticides so you may even buy the same products your professional uses. But not everyone wants to do it themselves.

You know some things you should leave to the pros and some things you should do yourself… and then some things you can do yourself you just don’t want to do. Pestprojoe.com, the home depot… they sell bug products… But I like the service I get with having a professional exterminator.


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