PR? What’s the hype? What a pest!

Posted: April 12, 2010 by Thos003 in Google Updates
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Google’s Rage Pank updated last week

Page Rank

Google Update Page Rank

Google updated their system last week.  Websites across the board were given their new report card, or PageRank.  PageRank was used to score a website’s authority and trust-ability.  Both of these factors are part of the ranking algorithm of the Mega-tron of search engines, Google. Today Page Rank is a little green indicator that reminds me of the blinking lights of a Star Wars cockpit… it’s a movie, the blinking lights are only there for effect. Yet, link builders still obsess about page rank.  SEO guys still loose sleep over PR sculpting.  And the bugs are still crawling through your walls since you haven’t called Bulwark.  =)

Page Rank is a SEO Pest

The once ever so important PR is now a fly buzzing around the heads of the SEO cesspools.  Do a search for “Phoenix Pest Control” and you will find in the results that the page with a PR=5, Truly Nolan is not on the top, and not even on the first page. Granted it is their home page and that page is not entirely optimized for a “Phoenix AZ” search.  Bulwark’s more specific page designed around the keywords of pest control, phoenix, AZ has a PR=4, it also doesn’t rank on the top of the results. So what does PR really do for SEO? I mean really? Great I give my SEO team a pat on the back for having a dozen or so pages on my website with PR=3.  Now show me the money!  I’ve got a hand full of PR=N/A pages ahead of me regardless of a whooping PR=4!

Position and Page Rank Correlation = N/A

#1 PR=1
#2 PR=3
Local business results for pest control near Phoenix, AZ – Google’s Map Section
#3 PR=2
#4 PR=3
#5…Pest+Control/…/T-Phoenix/ PR=N/A
#6 › PR=N/A
#7 PR=N/A
#8 – PR=4

Page Rank is Dead.

From my perspective, which is only limited by how I rank in the search engines, PageRank is DEAD.  And as of last week’s update, lost all of it’s PageRank.  Twitter PR=0.  Hey, if twitter can get away with a PR of zero then so can I.

Twitter Quote of Matt Cutts :

@mattcutts says”I know being a SERP I shouldn’t say this but Don’t worry about the searches” -Easy for u to say. Yes u SHOULD say it. #pubcon
Reply: @Thos003 glad I said it then 🙂

We can pretty much update that to: “DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE PAGERANK.”

Just swat that PR fly and move away from the SEO cesspool.


May 6, 2010 – Since google’s recent update the PageRank of sites were reset on google’s different data centers.  Not all data centers have been updated.  So Twitter has a PR=N/A on some data centers but not all data centers. So depending on the data center you are pulling your info from you will get different PR results.

  1. Lee says:

    It’s still interesting how is ranking so well for that term. They’ve done everything wrong yet they are #1… go figure.

    • thos003 says:

      They have been awarded that spot because they are “Phoenix Pest Control”. Officially the company name is “Phoenix Pest and Termite Control” but they go by “Phoenix Pest Control”. Just dumb luck.

      Funny thing about that is in our development of our web presence we switched from to But even with the new domain name having an exact match, we could not out rank the first site for the search term “Bulwark Pest Control”. Better PR, better traffic, more pages, adwords, none of that added up to the grandfathered in authority of our first site for “Bulwark Pest Control” and “Bulwark Exterminating”. We only beat our own site when we finally 301 redirected the site.

      Now we are testing to see how well the domain age of our old site will compete with our new site for certain keyword terms.

  2. Rodney Allman says:

    Maybe if you had 123 reviews like your sister franchise in Vegas, then you’d rank a little higher. Two of the three ahead of you in Phoenix haven’t even claimed their listing. You could bump them easily depending on how dirty you’re willing to play.

    -Rodney Allman
    Envirosafe/Charlotte, NC, Gastonia, NC, Rock Hill SC
    DBA HomeSpectors Termite and Pest Control in Gastonia NC……..

    • thos003 says:

      You are suggesting that in the google maps you report the information as incorrect if the listing is unclaimed and then Google removes it.

      So when you say play by the golden rule… that’s play by the rules that will get you the most gold? =)

      ..BTW nobody is keeping up with the Las Vegas team.

  3. Yeah, I agree. Google should just do away with it. It seems to have very little use anymore. I wish they would clarify somethings a little better.

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