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Posted: March 24, 2010 by Thos003 in Marketing, SEO
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I like some of what it said here. It seems that Lawrence has his game plan worked out and moving well for him. is a goldmine of an idea. However, I do disagree with a couple of things.

1- Content is for google first. So do I write content to be found or do I write content to convert sales? The problem with mass media is that it is ignored by the masses. If my content is written to get more visitors then great, but I would prefer more sales. I am split on this, as you have to get traffic to get online sales, but you still want to keep the real focus and vision in mind when right content. What’s that about a cart getting a head of a horse? Or a horse pulling an empty cart?

2- Who doesn’t like to win an award? – I could care less if you gave me the noble peace prize at this point. Why? Because of its past winners it has come to mean nothing to me. An award giving out of flattery is meaningless. Of course, I do like awards that carry a real value. And yes, everyone wants to be appreciated so if the award means something, then great otherwise, handing me a Trojan horse isn’t going to get you very far.

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