I cut my finger on a Shoelace!

Posted: March 12, 2010 by Thos003 in Marketing
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Shoelace Anglet cuts finger

It's hard to see but the cut is on the middle finger just above the last joint.

I am pretty sure that this puts me in a very rare and obscure group.  I’m guessing the percentage of people in the entire world that cut themselves on a shoelace aglet to be less than 1%.  Total guess.  But to break it down… the percentage of people in the world that wear shoes is … Sorry, not really going to get that technical.

How can you cut your finger on a shoelace?

Well I was tying my hiking boots and I was yanking the shoelace tight, when the string slipped between my fingers. As my finger slid down the shoe lace it caught the edge of a torn aglet.  So the cut was similar to that of a paper cut, but done with piece of plastic. Making the cut a little bit wider than your average paper cut.

Some accomplishment I know

While this new badge and new classification that I just ranked for may not be a very esteemed group to fall into, it does make for a great marketing lesson.

Good marketing is communicating your unique value.

It must be of value, and it must be unique.  Why? Because separating yourself from the competition is the only way to attract your audience. Further, many things that are unique hold a higher value because they are unique.  So the first job of a great marketer’s is to recognize, find, create, and build those unique values.  The second job is to communicate those unique values.  Advertising and marketing are different.  Advertising is a communication arm of marketing.  I have found that a good story is a great way to communicate ideas and thoughts and make them memorable.

So back to the shoelace cutting my finger.  While this classification that I now fall under may not be the ideal badge of honor, it is unique…. very unique.  And the value of the story is that it’s funny, entertaining, unique, and now has a lesson attached to it. (I know that value is defined differently by everyone.) And for those that read this story, or hear this story, or search the internet for the shoelace cutting a finger story, ….I will forever hold a place in their memory as “the guy that cut his finger on a shoelace.”

Man I love Fridays!

What’s an aglet?

It’s the plastic piece at the end of a shoelace.  So if you’ve ever wondered what the end of a shoelace is called; it’s an aglet.  How did I learn that? Playing Balderdash.

  1. aj says:

    Hey I know you guys. Nice boot!!???

  2. thos003 says:

    I am glad that you will still claim affiliation with me even after I cut my finger on a shoe lace.

    Thanks Scorpion Guy!

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