Google maps or should I say SUPERMAP!

Posted: December 19, 2009 by Thos003 in Marketing, SEO
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It’s the supermap, not a wannabe superman…

It’s a road, it’s a house, it’s a business its… SUPERMAP! Yes all this and more can be found on google maps, and now they are moving into a top position as the “Directory of choice” or “the Only Directory”.  I am not sure if I should be chanting the SuperMap praise or not.  They are quickly becoming… well invincible.

What is Google’s Kryptonite?… oh, that would be all the errors they are still working to fix, like their local maps still not showing correct information after all of the database cleaning and merging.  And things like their Charlotte NC maps not listing their filtered “by user reviews” properly. But with so many greedy villains out there who can Google trust?  And if I were Superman then would I even care to trust anyone else?  I mean look at what happened between Clark and Lex?  Yep, the Supermap does come with some baggage.

But I think Supermap is a hero.  I mean… look at all the corruption it is killing off.  Old dinosaurs that still boast themselves as relevant phone directories just so they can steal money from the innocent and naive while creating huge amount of trash. How many landfills do those books fill up each year?  Go Supermaps Go!

  1. d says:

    google map free ads! YES

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