Yellow pages are DEAD.

Posted: November 24, 2009 by Thos003 in Uncategorized
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The latest from Google says yellow pages are going, going, gone!

Yellow Pages are …

Screen Shot from Google

Google’s suggest search means that these are terms search frequently enough to warrant a “Suggest Search”  True or not if it’s said often enough it becomes reality and the public’s perception is reality.

So what do people think…

yellow pages are dead

yellow pages are dying

and my personal favorite of the bunch… How many yellow pages are there?

But let’s not forget the news papers…

Newspapers are dying too

Suggested or related searches to newspapers


The online public opinion of newspapers…

News Papers are….

dying, dead, obsolete, doomed, and a waste of time.

Of course they still have a little more life in them when compared to the yellow pages as some think the newspapers are

Important, Not Dead

FYI… every honest marketing expert I know has said that the yellow pages are dying… Most of my yellow page reps left their jobs last year.

Is there still a use for Yellow pages… Absolutely. I still believe in using them as a directory… but I don’t expect the dinosaurs to come back to life.

Top 3 effective uses for yellow pages:

3- A booster seat.

2- Kindling for fires.

1- A way to get chicks if you can ripe it in half.

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  5. Curtis says:

    I love your post! This is exactly why I left AT&T. I couldn’t stand it. I was a Search Engine Marketing Specialist. Their heart is in the right place, but they still can’t get it right.

    You still have tons of old print reps pitching the “superior value” of the print, when in reality, internet is taking over.

    How long will the Yellowpage industry keep this up? It will be interesting to see what happens. I couldn’t stand the way the yellowpage reps were trying to sell internet to advertisers. They were not qualified at all!

    This is why I left to pursue my own company. I felt so bad for small business owners.

    • thos003 says:

      Thanks Curtis. I have had some great friends/reps at the phone books, but sorry, business is business. Most of my yellow page reps have all left the phone books. 20 plus year veterians. Now I get bombarded with phone calls from the rep that “is now handling your account.”

      It would be better for them to just stream line my account. Let me login order what I want and logout. Sorry, no amount of begging, pleading, or threatening, (“so how are you going to grow?” “are you closing your doors?”) is going to get me to buy an overpriced ad.

      … but they do have some persistent salesmen, which I can admire. =)

  6. thos003 says:

    Just found a visit from the search “Are the Newspapers Dead in 2010?” If they were dead in 2009 then I think they will be dead in 2010. Sorry but I don’t see anyway of reviving the nostalgic waste of paper that melts away in the rain as it sits hopelessly in my drive way.

  7. calcuttayellowpages says:

    Finding Consumers Who Are Ready to Buy
    APRIL 22, 2010

    Users trust directories more than search for local info
    According to research conducted by Burke and commissioned by the Yellow Pages Association (YPA), users of print and online directories are prepared to make a purchase after researching local businesses.

    About eight in 10 users of either type of directory bought or planned to buy a product after their search.

    For more see:

    Way to go!
    Raj Mohan

    • thos003 says:


      That is an interesting study, and I believe it could be accurate that the majority of those that pick up a phonebook are more ready to buy than the majority of those that search online. Online searchers are flighty. You have only a few seconds to impress them. Many are just doing research. I will probably research something 3 to 4 times online before I make a buying decision. But, just because the yellow page shopper is more likely to buy does not mean advertising there is worth the money.

      Dex knows dropped off a bundle of research for me when they wanted me to renew here is a stat that you may also want to consider:

      64% of yellow page business is repeat business.

      – In other words, most people go to the phone books with someone already in mind. The phone book in these cases was not a closing factor. If my customer refers a neighbor then they just need my number, not a full page ad.

      Something else to consider, lets say the actual shoppers of the phone book are 10 times more likely to buy. Your phone book gets 1000 visits a month to my section. Online gets 10,000. That’s the same number of buyers. So if your cost are higher then the internet marketing cost you loose even at 10 times the close rate.

      With all of that said, a business can still get an ROI from the phone book. Whether that ROI works for the business or not is dependent on that business.

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