Tweet Tweet goes a pest controller, Look Look goes google….

Posted: October 22, 2009 by Thos003 in Google Updates, Marketing, pest control
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This just in from WebProNews.

Google will be adding tweets to search results…

Love you guys, but this is a little delayed!  I posted a new website purely for the fun of it… Yes I love my job!… about 3 weeks ago.  Then I tweeted it.  Well the tweet showed up on google long before the website ever did.  And the only location you find a link to this new website is on my tweet.  Check it out… Google… By the way… the only thing black about it is the shirt. I bought it purely so I could make a T-Shirt. I am sure it will be one of the most expensive T-Shirts I have ever bought.

Your results will show the actual domain now and then tweet under it.  If you didn’t think Google was interested in your tweets then you are falling behind. Tweets on the other hand, are typically not going to rank well.  They are supplemental to good SEO.  I like twitter, but I would never build my optimization plan centered around Twitter, or Facebook or any other social media.  Including google’s new Wave…  If you haven’t checked into the wave then go read up on it by someone who’s taking a test drive on it now… GOOGLE WAVE.


Tweet Tweet, but please be Sweet…

PEST CONTROLLERS- Don’t just send out endless ads about your company.  You won’t make many friends on twitter that way.

I hate to bring up past experiences that I would rather forget, but I can’t ignore the lessons I have learned.  I once was involved in a MLM – Marketing Pyramid.  I tried to sell everyone I knew and everyone I didn’t know.  Perhaps it was just my leadership who told me to go steal hourly employees from the mall, but I chased people away.  I looked at everyone as if they were money bags.  That is absolutely a horrible thing to do.  I have since repented… I was very young and naive at the time…. sorry making excuses… I told you I didn’t like to bring up the past!

Morale of the story, Don’t just tweet to sell your service.  Tweet to connect and communicate.  Sure, I support sending out a reminder on occasion about what you do, but every 5 minutes is not an occasion.

… If I could only control the pests on twitter.  =)


Phoenix Pest Controller for hire.

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  3. Bulwark is making a name for themselves in the Great Rock Hill. I’ve seen at least one of their trucks around town and they look very professional. Welcome to the area and thanks for representing our industry so proudly!


    Envirosafe Termite and Pest Control, Rock Hill

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