Health Care Plan Losing in Polls on Facebook!

Posted: July 24, 2009 by Thos003 in Uncategorized
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Yes, I am sure that everyone has heard enough about Universal health care plan or the governmental health care plan.  But I found this interesting…

Health Care Plan Losing in Polls on Facebook! One poll shows 70% oppose the health care plan. Another shows that 75% oppose a government run health care system.

300,000+ votes... that means it should be accurate.

300,000+ votes... that means it should be accurate.

Facebook Health care poll #2 175,000 votes.

Facebook Health care poll #2 175,000 votes.

Interesting that the different questions have a 5% spread.  Either way the first one show 75% opposed to the Government Health Care. And the 2nd shows 70% opposed to Universal Health Care in the US.

These images were taken from a screen shot today at 6:48 PM Arizona Time.

If these polls are accurate then Obama didn’t win off his Health Care initiative… unless the poll has changed that much since the election.

Yes there are flaws in this poll.  The demographics on facebook only apply to individuals online, those that can’t afford a PC or internet access may be in favor of government health care.  However, I would still argue that the majority of the US does not support Government Health Care.

  1. Cummings GA says:

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    Keep us update!

  2. Thos003 says:

    Despite the above poll indicates the US NEW reports strong support….

    What should you believe the US News Report or the Facebook Health Care Poll?

  3. Thos003 says:

    US NEWS… “In fact, half of the 2,491 adults surveyed in the nationwide poll said they either “strongly” or “somewhat” supported the president’s plan”…

    It’s all in the question… Do I “somewhat” support Obama’s Health Care reform?… Yes. It is clear that our Health care system needs some adjusting. But do I support a Universal Government Run Health Care Program?… No.

  4. Mike says:

    We have a pattern in this country, to take a system that is riddled with corruption, broken and costs way more than it should and “reform” it. Everybody is excited about the prospect of making the system better. In the flurry of that excitement we get behind “change” and “reform”, only to discover way too late the new system is the same people ripping us off for even more than before, for less in return.
    When are we going to learn?

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  10. Health Care Plan Losing in Polls on Facebook! Tags: facebook, facebook healthcare poll, health, losing, oppose-the-health, poll-shows, polls,

    …. I really hope this healthcare thing turns around and gets thrown out.

  11. Down with the mass media. Up with the truth. Why is it that the news stations are ignoring this poll?

  12. I feel like the Whois in Whoville. Can’t they hear us yelling? “We are here. We are here. We are here!”

  13. Thanks for the heads up […] Health Care Plan Losing in Polls on Facebook! […]

  14. Have you heard about their latest attempt to do this behind closed doors? “I am amazed at how transparent this process has been.” Said Sen. Reid as he left fro another closed door meeting.


  15. Gary says:

    How many times could an individual vote? Who commissioned this poll and how much money was paid to post this poll?
    I, for one voted three times, once for each choice to show ANOTHER flaw in the results. This poll has no credibility, or validity, outside the Oprah watchers and Republican right-wing, extremist, terrorists and the big insurance companies like United Healthcare and the Lewin Group, which is a consulting firm owned by United Health Group

    • thos003 says:

      Thanks Gary for your insightful comments. No one was paid to post this. No one commissioned the poll. The poll just is as it says. I assume that if you have 3 different facebook accounts then you could vote 3 times. Even if that were the case that would come out in the wash with over 600,000 voters.

      I was unable to vote again with my account so it appears that the votes come from over 600,000 unique accounts.

      Apparently you dislike what this poll indicates from your reference to “extremist”.

    • Good post. Yeah – this isn’t a scientific poll, but it is nonetheless an interesting data point.

      We’re having this debate on our blog- why do some polls show surprising support for a government-run healthcare option while the plan in general is starting to tank in a lot of polls. I think it is that Americans are surprisingly open to the “public option” conceptually, but don’t want any part of it once they begin to consider what it will cost them in terms of future taxes and in terms of a restriction of insurance choices for many.

      This proposed overhaul is extremely expensive and doesn’t properly get at the structural incentive problems that cause our system to be so expensive. I keep going back to what the CBO has been saying about this. This plan, as it is currently being written, is a fiscal train-wreck. I’m not a radical, racists for saying that, I’m a concerned American citizen.

      Gary sounds like someone who can’t fathom dissent. I think a lot of folks on the left are having a hard time believing that Barack Obama is possibly more polarizing a figure than GW Bush. His plans are dividing this country and tanking his own approval ratings. Not everyone who disagrees is an extremist, terrorist, racist Nazi. In fact, I’d argue that few are extremist, etc. It’s hard to argue that 40-50% of a country can be dubbed “extremist.” Extremist relative to what?

      My question to Gary and others with his view are, where does such an allegation even come from?

      This guy has a funny response to reflexive “Nazi, extremist” allegation that comes from the left in regards to opponents of this bill:

      • thos003 says:

        Wow! Thanks for the great comment.

        As mentioned earlier, there are some potential flaws with the facebook poll, but there are flaws with every poll. I was one of the fortunate few to receive a call on health care prior to Obama’s election.

        First off, the survey was about at least 10 questions long. The survey would ask very similar questions, but reworded slightly. Understanding marketing and the power of words, this tactic is very effective. Read the book “Words that Work.” by Dr. Luntz. Changing the words slightly can cause a 20% to 30% swing.

        So back to this telephone survey that I took. The final question she asked me was, “If government health care didn’t cost you anything would you be in favor of government healthcare?” My response was, “No.” What happened next really shocked me… her response was “Really?”.

        “I’m sorry,” I replied.

        “Even if it doesn’t cost anything you wouldn’t want it?”

        I went on to explain that if the government is paying for it then they are doing it with my tax dollars, or someone else. “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

        Now let’s suppose that I was taken back in my resolve, I could have easily changed my answer to be non confrontational. So this supposed scientific poll was clearly faulty as well. When the individual on the other end is biased then the poll will be biased.

        Plus, I wonder how many people say… “Well sure, if it doesn’t cost many anything.”

        NBC then reports based on the last question, “Poll shows 80% support for government health care.”

        …. Facebook isn’t the only poll that’s flawed.

      • Great points. You’re dead right on that. That is interesting that the interviewer said that. Makes you wonder what type of education they have that they could imagine there is such a thing as “health care that doesn’t cost you anything.” If we ever get to a place where a good majority of people think that way, we’re in trouble. We’re going to see first hand what the quality of “health care that doesn’t cost you anything” is like.

      • thos003 says:

        I truly hope that we don’t see this first hand. Go ask anyone that has lived abroad in places that have “Free Health Care”. Poll them and ask them if they like their health care. Everyone I know from those locations hate it.

  16. Todd says:

    I would like to add a few thoughts.

    The cost of medical care is not eliminated if the government pays for it. Using President Obama’s own words we need to, “bend the curve.” Bending the curve is the avoidance or reduction of utilization (medical care needed). The private sector has introduced strategies that have been effective flattening medical costs. Most of these strategies involve personal accountability. Many companies have instituted Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) that empower their employees to act as consumers, wellness programs with incentives tied to participation, and some have moved towards penalizing those not willing to take responsibility for their lifestyle choices. Most of us don’t routinely blow through red lights and speed. Why? There are consequences; car insurance increase and the cost of a ticket. The direction of the private sector is, you can continue to live a unhealthy lifestyle but you will pay more. A government plan or a government mandate that offers the same coverage for everyone at the same rate is to remove all personal accountably from the equation. Many ailments such as obesity and diabetes are mostly lifestyle driven. Not only are they expensive but they are quality of life killers. The thoughts that I keep returning to are: What will our families look like in 20 years if we continue to have no personal accountability for our health? Collectively, what will our nation look like? We don’t have a health care crisis, we have a health crisis.

    On a side note, medical malpractice tort reform is eerily missing from the discussion. A tremendous amount of expense could be avoided if physicians had lower liability premiums and didn’t have to practice defensive medicine. Not my primary area of focus, just seems strange.

    Thank you

    Please note: I have a vested interested in the outcome of national healthcare. Respectfully I am sharing my thoughts because I feel that I have a unique perspective being in the thick of things.

    • Good points, Tood. I think you are spot on. I’m for the type of bottom-up cost control you describe. We need to get the incentives back in the hands of the consumer to choose the most cost effective ways of handling everyday medical care. We really don’t need insurance for a significant chunk of the items people go to the doctor for. With insurance blurring the cost of care for most people, we end up heading to the doctor for routine items that we either don’t really need help for or that we end up getting additional, costly treatments for that we wouldn’t otherwise get if we were paying for them.

      I don’t know why this doesn’t make sense to folks on the left that advocate “free health care” or health care as a basic, human right. Is food and shelter a basic human right? If so, why aren’t we demanding that be provided by the government to everyone, equally? If not, then let’s ask ourselves WHY not??

  17. thos003 says:

    Now the above poll isn’t going to be scientific either, but the results are still interesting. Not sure what the margin of error would be on such a small sample.

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  19. Hopefully the truth will set us free…


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