Wholesale Price or Overpriced Junk Service?

Posted: June 9, 2009 by Thos003 in business, Marketing
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Dear Aamco Transmission,
I had my transmission worked on by your company about 2 years ago.  One of the reasons I chose your service was because of the lifetime warranty that was promised.  I find out now that it was a “lifetime transmission service”, not a warranty and that there is no existing warranty on the work performed.  Apparently it was 12k or 12 months.  The transmission that you replaced or rebuilt hasn’t hit 20k yet and is shot.  The branch I went to said I got a smoking deal,  that if I want they will match that price. Is it really a smoking deal if its now broken?  Is there any way you can help resolve this?

Dear Customer, We spoke to the AAMCO franchise in Mesa concerning your van.  They tell us that your original service was done for essentially a wholesale price and that they are willing to come down even slightly from that amount with a longer warranty this time.  We suggest that you contact Zack at the AAMCO center and consider that offer carefully since it appears to be extremely reasonable.  AAMCO Customer Relations.

I am aware that Zack mentioned it was a wholesale price. I would have preferred to pay the extra $500 to have it done right the first time. Thanks for your feedback. I am sorry but I don’t feel it fair to sell me something that doesn’t work so that you can sell it to me again later…

My Take –

Zack’s proposal was about $1600.  Last time they “fixed the transmission” it was a little over that price. I was assured last time that the work done would last and that since the engine was still good that no other major repairs would be needed on the van. Zack even said “Well you’d hope it would last more then 20k”. Yes, I am kicking myself for letting him give it back to me when it was still shifting hard, with the excuse that the computer would adjust. Basically it sounds like I got ripped off. I am sorry that it was the former owner but the name is the same. Unfortunately since this is a branded company you will live and die by the name your brand carries. Don’t believe me, then read J.D. Powers- Satisfaction.

I know this sucks all the way around, because it was probably just one guy that screwed up, but I feel that I am getting the short end of the stick here and I don’t feel that the resolution offered was fair.

So how does this relate to Pest Control?

First, I have to say, I have a little more respect for Orkin and Terminix.

But more importantly, Pest Control Prices! Charging a customer less and doing a lesser job is bad business.

I was probablly undersold.  The guy fixing my transmission probably went with the cheapest possible solution.  Results we “okay” to start but it was not a long term fix to my problem. Ultimately I, the customer, feel like I got ripped off.  Now I tell 5 people about it… or 5,000 depending on who reads my blog.  The net effect is that you do more damage to your company by offering a cheap service for a low price.

… oh, and 3rd don’t advertise something that may be easily misinturpetted, like “Lifetime Transmission Service.”

Read more on Pest Control Prices.

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